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Discovering Beauty

Do you know the thrill, after struggling against the earth and environment, as you clean the dirt away and reveal a beautiful rock? Have you felt the joy, after hours of carefully chiseling around the perimeter of a delicate plate of crystals, lying uncomfortably on your back, when the host rock finally gives up its’ treasure to cradle in your hands? Welcome to the joy of discovery and welcome to

We are proud to present to you our collection of fine rock, minerals and fossils and welcome you to our perpetual and unique database of Registered Specimens ™.

We encourage you to use or site as a source for the study and reference of rocks, minerals, fossils, gemstones and lapidary materials that you are investigating for your collection. We are confident that you will find our site easy to use and it will provide insight into the great collecting sites by presenting specimens from those areas with detailing images.

We are anxious to provide you with quality specimens, exceptional lapidary support and great customer service.

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